on Feb 09, 17

Acne is Not Forever


Have you ever wondered why you are still dealing with acne issues even as an adult? It's the worst. We all thought we'd be done with pimples after our teenage years but we are STILL BREAKING OUT.

It turns out that most of us are still struggling with acne!

The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found out that 1 out of every 3 women in their 30s and over 50% of women in their 20s are suffering from adult acne.

Common causes of adult acne are stress, changes in hormone levels like during PMS, alcohol, and overall diet.

Its so important to have a daily skin care routine to prevent acne breakouts. Here are a few tips to achieve a blemish-free skin.

  • Wash your face at least once a day with cool or warm water using Prescribd Cleansr Bar.

Prescribd Cleansr Bar made of Oatmeal & Honey will protect your skin’s natural moisture balance.

  • After cleaning your face, gently apply the Prescibd Mask. As there are no chemicals in our mask, you can prepare our mask fresh each time using a mixture of the Tonr and Mask. Let it stay on for about 20 minutes for the best results. Rinse off the mask well but do not rub your face.


    • Finally, for a younger looking skin, apply a Prescribd Moistr preferably every morning and evening.

    Don’t feel hopeless in treating your acne. Let Prescribd help change your skin. Our subscribers see significant changes to their skin in as little as six weeks.

    All Prescribd products are naturally made; it has no additives, suffocating fragrances and no animal testing so that you can get the glowing skin that you truly deserve.

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