on Feb 22, 17

Giving Up Is Not an Awkward Thing to Do

“Life is what you make it’. But there are times that no matter how we push ourselves, it seems nothing worked out fine in line with the outcome that we desire.

When you are about to give up, emotions tend to get high and spirit falls down. The worst, when you feel that you are being handcuffed and you got nothing to do but to accept what is happening around. Reality bites they say. Regardless how painful reality might be, you have no choice but to give up and endure the pain.

Living within a judgmental society, giving up would mean lack of perseverance. It is considered failure. Success wise, failure has no room in any way. Unfortunately, failure is part of our life. Life is boring without failure. Giving up adds spice and strengths into our lives. The reasons behind every moment of putting our hands up and dealing it matter. Although handling defeat is not easy as it seems, we need to learn how to get the hang of it.

  • Pleasing other people

Loving is a great feeling. Showing your love to someone is actually a different story. It requires sacrifices. But if loving and sacrifices bring you nothing but pain, free yourself from such bondage. Never put your happiness into someone else’ pocket. Happiness is sweeter when it comes from within you and not from other people. Don’t allow people to dictate what you should and should not do.

  • When Success becomes worthless

You’ll find success worthless and even bitter when you have achieved it out of obsession. You need to put passion in everything you do to reach the top. But passion is a totally different word from obsession. Be careful not to find yourself drowning with success through your obsession. In such case, success is valueless and worth nothing but desperation.

  • Predicament of knowing what you really want

There is nothing wrong in trying everything. But trying every single thing and ending up with nothing is really frustrating. Whenever you feel like nothing is happening, why not change your perspective? Doing something without understanding what you are really up to is like riding a merry-go-round. Circling round and round with no definite destination. Know your goal. Determine whether you are still on the right track towards your goal. If not, go ahead and make a u-turn.

  • When the hurt strikes you

The passage towards your goal or say to someone you ever wanted might be awry. The topsy-turvy road should foster you courage to overcome every challenge along the way. Challenges would sometimes bring you to where you really belong. Never lose your spirit. Keep the faith and you’ll get there somehow.

  • Unappreciated efforts

Taking too much effort over someone or something would make you feel upset. Rejections from people you want to be part of your life is like arrows through the heart. You will be emotionally wounded as you try to keep them. Though it is hard, you should not allow this to happen, let them go. Concede and look for someone even better.

  • When the only option is to give up

When you are totally exhausted with all the efforts you put into, it is about time to get out from physical, emotional, mental slavery. If the only choice left is to raise your hand halfway, do it and move on. Anyways, giving up is not that bad at all. On the contrary, it will open windows for things or people that are actually meant for you. Forget the past, live to the present and be ready for the future.

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