on Feb 02, 17

How I Achieved a Healthy Glowing Skin Without Spending a Fortune

Puberty hit me hard and I've dealt with zits and breakouts all through my mid twenties (the horror!) 

I mean, really? Now, some wrinkles are starting to show, I have grey hairs, and I'm still getting zits? I can't believe this is happening to me at my age...

Right before my best friend's wedding, I reached my boiling point. I was the aid of honor - the thought of walking down the aisle and getting photographed with a face full of zits... sigh, so infuriating!

So I scoured the shelves for all sorts of acne solutions - citrus peels, exfoliants, salicylic acid, charcoal masks, foam cleanser - you name it, I've tried all of them all to no avail.

...and btw, what's with all the chemicals? Acids and oxides...

Also, why are all the acne solutions geared towards hormonal teenagers? Dear brands, make something for adults please.

...Anyways, - I tried it all.  I still had zits on my forehead, cheeks, and added more on my chin...and on top of that, my skin became super dry....UGH!!!

So anyways, #skinissues or not, I had to go to my best friend's wedding. I got side bangs to cover up my zits on my forehead and caked up on foundation and concealer as much as I could to cover up.

The reception wasn't all that bad. Thank you booze gods.

A couple weeks later, I was stressing out over all these posts on Instagram and Facebook that my friends were posting from the wedding...the bumps on my face were just too much!  As I was stressing, I ran into this ad for this natural acne skincare system called Prescribd.

I was skeptical at first, but then I saw the whole system was $44.99, a lot cheaper than the other ones I tried, and the before and after pics on their site looked legit PLUS all natural? Heck yea, Let's bring it on.

I got the box and followed the regimen:


I started seeing results the very first time I masked. My skin felt smoother and I felt my pores tightening up. After a couple weeks using this system, I started to get compliments on my skin!  People started asking about what I was doing and how did my skin improve so quickly.  The results are very noticeable - it lightened my dark spots, tightened my pores, and made my skin look way healthier than before.

A month into the program, I'm so glad Prescribd exists!  I just signed up for the subscription. It's the only thing that works for me. I think it works because it doesn't have the chemicals that other acne products have that irritate and over dry out my skin. The smell is not that great but I think it's better for my skin because the products are all natural with no bad effects from artificial fragrances.

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