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Pampering your Skin at home after the Holidays

What better way to relieve stress of the holiday season than having a quality "me time" at home? Don't get me wrong the holiday season is fun, however, those delish foods, alcohol, and partying will take its toll on our skin. Hence why we need maintenance for us to look fresh. Lala is no stranger when it comes to parties and social gathering. Her secret to looking fresh and fab? Her very own skincare system.

Prescribd is a do-it-yourself at home maintenance skin care regimen. Prescribd products will surely help you in exfoliating, detoxifying, and maintaining your skin good even without make up on. With the four easy steps of Prescribd skin care system you will get an even better result that you could imagine.

Here are Prescribd's 4-Step Skincare System to keep your skin healthy and glowing just like Lala's:

Cleansr, Honey and Oatmeal Soap Bar will gently exfoliate your skin while nourishing it. Exfoliation is a big thing in the remove dead skin and dirt from your face. Cleansr is all natural and will help expose the new and radiant skin, thus achieving a naturally glowing skin after every wash.

Put the crackd mask evenly on your face. Apply it nice and thick especially on your T zone where all the blackheads reside. You can actually feel skin renewal as the mask tightens giving you a smooth and naturally renewed skin. For best result you can leave the mask for 20 minutes and let it dry. Crackd Mask will tighten your pores, detoxify your face, and prevent pimples and acne from coming back.


Wrap up your skincare regimen using  MOISTR to increase moisture level and protect and rejuvenate skin after all those parties during the holiday season. In a few weeks, you'll see significant improvement in your skin. It will be looking fresh, fancy and poppin'!

Prescribd has no chemicals, no additives, and no fragrances and no animal testing, it is all natural you can use Precribd twice a week consistently. 



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