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Perplexity of “Wellness” and “Clean Eating”

The food we eat matters a lot in our overall health wellness. Both the quality and quantity of food intake gauge our wellness as a whole. Eating more junk foods will make your body sluggish. On the other hand, taking in more protein will make your body more energized and responsive.

Despite cutting out junk foods and focusing on nutritious food per se, sometimes you would not feel well. Restraining from foods you are used to eating will make you thinner and thinner and eventually make you ill. You found wellness, yes, but you are feeling unwell.

For a long time, we were stacked and confused with “Wellness”. But, what is “wellness” all about? Does it mean returning to the basics where there is no science and technology?

The possible toxic ingredient on our food alarmed the public for it was reported to as the culprit among certain symptoms from a severe headache to upset stomach, burning sensations, palpitations, numbness and weakness. The panic gets worse when it was supported by medical studies from high- profile lawyers. Some even associated such ingredient with ADHD, diarrhea, depression, acid reflux and obesity.

Prior to the public alarm caused by gluten, they were suspecting MSG as the center of it all. But the fallacy was demystified. It was just a pure public alarm.

A serious condition of individuals suffering from diarrhea, bloating and acute abdominal pain is called Coeliac disease infected people in the UK. However, a simple indication of gluten intolerance called Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) is reported to affect about five percent of the population. In ‘Deliciously Ella’s cookbook, there is no clear explanation of why people should get rid of gluten.

The Hemsley sisters became famous with their GAPS diet or Gut and Psychology Syndrome which claims to cure everything from autism to bipolar disorder while ingesting hydrogen peroxide to cleanse the gut. People are expecting more research and figures regarding wellness not only from the Hemsley sisters but from all of the wellness experts as well.

In the book entitled “The Gluten Lie”, the author Alan Levinovitz stated unless it is medically required, there is no benefit in cutting out gluten. According to him, a gluten-free diet is not necessary unless one’s personal health is at risk.

Wellness is not the cause of the eating disorder. Eating disorder is the result of countless food temptation but not wellness. Wellness has no contribution in the eating disorder most people suffer.

Orthorexia might be considered a misconception between the right and the wrong food. Some take orthorexia as either an eating disorder or an OCD which has symptoms of anxiety, dietary inflexibility, etc.

Wellness is not a diet; it is more than diet, weight loss and bodies. We should think out of bigotry of wellness and clean eating. Be invigorated by the idea that food is on a normal level, abundant and more nutritious than ever. Remember, the body determines what it needs and you will likewise be nourished with the pleasure you take not just by the food you eat.

Taking in different foods, exploring new things and taking food pleasure is beneficial to everyone in terms of good health. Good health does not mean depriving yourself of food. In the contrary, eating well is eating instinctively, with enjoyment and without shame. Wellness and clean eating depend on you no matter what you hear from, after all, you already know, your body knows what its needs.

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