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Simple Skin Care Guide to a Silky Smooth and Acne-Free Skin

Clear skin complexion is something to work on especially if you have an acne-prone skin. Daily skin care regimen will help you but you must take note of your habits and your lifestyle as well.

Know Your Skin Type

Our skin is classified into five different types.  It is of importance to know your skin type before doing any skin regimen. Skin type differs depending on how much water and oil it has and how sensitive it is.

Normal Skin type manifests few blemishes and has barely visible pores and a smooth skin texture.

Oily Skin type has enlarged pores, dull or shiny, thick complexion, and with blackheads, pimples or other skin imperfections.

Dry skin type has almost invisible pores, dull or rough complexion, red patches and with more visible lines. This type of skin is less elastic also.

Combination Skin type could be dry or normal in some parts and oily in others like in the T- zone (nose, forehead and chin). It has pores that are larger than normal and blackheads. Combination skin type is also shiny.

Sensitive skin type exhibits any of the skin problem mentioned above but with extra sensitivity. Sensitive skin is potent to products with irritating chemicals and fragrances.

Cosmetics and Your Skin

We spend a lot of money and time in concealing our skin imperfections with the use of cosmetics. Unfortunately, using the cosmetics which beautifies you greatly accentuate the pimples, acne, or blemishes you are trying to conceal.

Choosing the right products depends on your skin type. If you have an oily skin you must avoid heavy, oil-based foundations. 

Applying too much cosmetics even if you are using the right products might get your skin more irritated. Do not apply make-up with hardened and unclean brushes.  Additionally, never go to bed wearing make-up.

Food Diet and Your Skin

Be cautious of what you should not eat. Although poor diet would not cause acne breakouts, there are certain foods that you must no eat to alleviate the cause of acne.

Lower down your alcohol intake. Alcohol has sugars which can cause inflammation.

Stick to a lean diet of low-fat proteins. Seafood with omega-3 Fatty acids will lessen inflammation and antioxidants rich food will protect your skin from sun damage, eases pain and acne production.

Sleep and your skin

 Just like the air we breathe and the food we eat to become strong, we also need enough and quality sleeps to achieve a naturally glowing skin. If you sleep late your skin secretes more sebum which causes acne. To get a better sleep you must establish a sleeping habit where you have a schedule of sleeping and wake up. Refrain yourself from alcohol and caffeine before you go to sleep and avoid eating too much.

The Sun and Your Skin

We all know the adverse effect of ultraviolet rays from the sun to our skin. Too much sun exposure will lead to skin damage and eventually to skin cancer. Limit sun exposure especially between 10 am to 4 pm. Do not forget to wear sunscreen around reflective surfaces.

Manage stress

Exercising and meditation can help you manage stress. Relaxation will give you a positive point of you in life thus avoiding stress.

Proper exercise will improve blood circulation. Good blood circulation will nourish your skin cells and will carry off waste products.

The Gym and your Skin

Before you engage in any exercise activity at the gym, make sure to put on moisturizer to avoid buildup of perspiration. Avoid excessive water exposure every workout. Be sure to clean or wipe the shared gym equipment before using them and never touch your face more often while doing a workout.

Acne Treatment that works


Whatever type of skin you have, Prescribd Skin Care Products is the right acne treatment for you.

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With the mixture of Prescribd Tonr and Prescribd Crackd Mask your skin will be wrinkle-free. Leaving the mixture for 20 minutes will tighten the pores and absorbs toxins from your skin. You may rinse it off with warm water.

Moisturize your skin with Prescribd Moistr. It will soothe your skin and will give a result that is smoother and lighter skin with no acne marks.

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