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Treating Acne Breakouts the Natural Way with Prescribd 4 Steps Facial System


Most people afflicted with acne breakouts usually go to dermatologists asking for the best medication or experiment on some acne skin care cleansers or creams, only to worsen skin problems. In truth, over-the-counter skin solutions do help a little but not for long term cure.

The root cause of acne is the unequal or to some extent too much production of sebum. When skin dirt, oil and dead skin cells come together they tend to block skin pores until the pores become the storage of bacteria.

With all the available acne solutions in the market to treat acne breakouts, nothing beats the solution of having proper hygiene, diet, medicines and nutritional supplements. Therefore, the secret in having a blemish-free skin lies in proper diet and natural treatments.

Choosing the all-natural skin care will not only prevent acne breakouts but also restore health and vitality. Its natural ingredients content is safe and effective as compared to prescription medication and topical ointments that are usually fatal to your skin due to chemical contents.

Proper diet to fight acne formations includes restraining from food containing fats. If you are about to fry your food it is better to use olive oils than any other kinds of oil containing fats. Eating fruits and green leafy vegetables as well as drinking lots of water could help release the body’s natural defense against bacteria causing acne. Likewise, you must avoid drinking coffee and carbonated drinks.

In addition, food enriched with Vitamin A is proven to be a good medicine to beat acne formations. It will help in the process of healing acne quickly. Foods with zinc are likewise proven to be an acne remedy.

Apart from having a proper diet, blemish free skin it achievable when you have a daily skin care regimen using all-natural skin care products. Having said that, Prescribd Skin Care System came into existence to make a naturally blemish acne free skin.

Prescribd has a 4-step facial system that will help detoxify, brighten and tighten your skin naturally.

The skin needs to be hydrated from the inside out. Cleansing your face twice every day using Prescribd Cleansr Bar will keep your face hydrated and prevents dryness. The honey and oatmeal content of Prescribd Cleansr Bar helps release the natural oil needed by the skin in nourishing and providing flawless Beauty and skin care.

In getting rid of dead skin cells, it is best to exfoliate the skin. Prescribd Tonr combined with Prescribd Mask creates a powerful mixture that eliminates dead cells, unwanted impurities and blackheads from the skin leaving it smooth and flawless. Letting the mixture on the face for about 20 minutes deeply tightens the pores thus restoring dead skin cells.

Toning the skin after cleansing restores the skin’s pH balance. Natural health skin toners like Prescribd Tonr provides skin-repairing substances, thus, providing the skin with a fresher, smoother and younger looks.

Finishing the natural skin care treatment by applying Prescribd Moistr does not only moisturize the skin but helps in supplying vital vitamins and nutrients to the skin.

Acne is curable but looking for the best treatment is not that easy. Acne skin care varies on your skin type and how you treat your skin. The best and affordable approach is to have a healthy lifestyle and a natural skin care regimen.

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