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Black Bold & Beautiful

on Dec 26, 16

Have that Natural Glowing Skin All Year Long

Social interactions may trigger your anxiety and confidence issues especially when you have a not-so-fair skin. Good thing with the...

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on Dec 22, 16

Prescribd Crackd Mask Application Demo

Being a social media personality could be so stressful. You always need to keep your face and skin camera ready....

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on Dec 20, 16

Stressin' Out? Pamper Yourself With Prescribd

Truth be told, our everyday lives could be stressful. As much as we want it be all cupcakes and rainbows, it...

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on Dec 19, 16

Make Your Skin Beautiful, Keep your Man Faithful

Women tend to have of insecurities especially when it comes to aesthetics. I mean, with all of medication and beauty...

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on Dec 16, 16

Tis The Season to Show Who's the Beyoncé of the Family.

Tis the season to be jolly. Aka "tis the season to show who's the Beyoncé of the family." Plus, we don't want...

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on Dec 13, 16

How Lala Got Glowing Skin and How You Can Too

 Lala went live recently and spilled the secret behind her vibrant glowing skin and how it keeps her feeling fresh, fancy,...

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