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on Feb 07, 17

Solving Acne Problems The Prescribd Way

Zits, acne, pimples, blemishes, and dark spots no matter how OCD we are when it comes to taking care of...

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on Feb 06, 17

5 Tips to Reduce Hormonal Acne Breakout

“Cortisol” which is commonly referred to as stress hormone of the body greatly affects acne breakouts. It triggers sebum production...

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on Feb 03, 17

7 Things You Need to Stop Doing in Your Skincare Routine

We all want to have flawless skin. However, a lot of us are totally unaware that we are actually doing...

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on Feb 02, 17

How I Achieved a Healthy Glowing Skin Without Spending a Fortune

Puberty hit me hard and I've dealt with zits and breakouts all through my mid twenties (the horror!)  I mean, really?...

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on Dec 28, 16

Alien Nation On Your Face vs Lalanation on Prescribd

Do you have the guts to go out without makeup on? Can you strike a "woke up like this" selfie...

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on Dec 28, 16

Pampering your Skin at home after the Holidays

What better way to relieve stress of the holiday season than having a quality "me time" at home? Don't get...

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